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Angel Estate revolutionizes the capital-raising process by connecting real estate developers directly with investors who believe in and support their vision. Experience the transformative power of Angel Estate as you connect with a community of passionate investors who are eager to contribute to your success!

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Join Angel Estate as an accredited developer today! After signing up, submit your project, and within 3 business days, a background check will be conducted. Once your application is approved, you'll gain access to raise capital from investors who believe in your vision.

Market Offering to Investors

The Angel Estate team can help market your project to a curated database of high-net-worth investors, private equity groups, and family offices. Once the minimum capital commitment is achieved, your deal will be promptly and efficiently closed, ensuring a smooth process.

Benefits of Raising Capital on Angel Estate

Investor Management

Our direct-to-investor model allows total control over investors

Experienced Team

We can help structure your deal with the best terms to maximize investors

Investment Page

Savvy investment page designed to convert investors

Advanced Features

KYC/AML, funds processing, and advanced transaction technology

Added Functionality

Investment dashboard, end-to-end deal support

Advisory Services

Our advisory team will help leverage your investment strategy

Marketing Campaign

Curated deal campaign prepared to launch your project


Why raise capital with AngelEstate?

By combining marketing services with leading technology, Angel Estate minimizes the work of raising capital for your next or on going project.

Dedicated Team

Our real estate and technology experts help you structure your deal, create a story to promote on the platform and support you throughout your project's investment cycle.

Direct to Investor Model

Our direct-to-investor model allows you to connect to investors and structure your deals to maximize investor acquisition and meeting your capital raising goals.

In-house Marketing

Our marketing team can work with you to help build a savvy investment deal page to help convert interested investors into investments.